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Don't Let Depression Get You Down

Holiday depression and stress can consume some of us during the holidays. The holidays can seem like a fun time for some of us. It's a time filled with parties, celebrations, gatherings and feasting. For many people it is a time of sadness, loss, anxiety and loneliness.

You may ask what causes holiday blues besides some form of pain or suffering. Typical sources of holiday stress and sadness can be stress. Stress in a healing journey is real and for some it seems to be a constant feeling that never leaves. Fatigue and unrealistic expectations of yourself and others can cause holiday blues. Also the inability to be with friends or family can contribute to sadness during this time.

There is hope and here are some coping tips that can help.

1. Make time for yourself 2. Get plenty of rest 3. Reach out and connect with others 4. Spend time with people who care 5. Try something new 6. Limit any holiday drinking 7. Look for free activities in your community 8. Read a good book 9. Spend time in nature 10.Voluteer and help others if your lonely 11. Live and enjoy the present 12. Be grateful for the blessings you do have 13. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do

We can help you here at Therahand and with us you can feel better, get moving and get on with your life. Book an appointment and let us support you fully.


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