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Don't Get Twisted with a Twisted Ankle

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Using Physical Therapy in the Recovery of a Sport Sprain or Twisted Ankle.

How to use physical therapy in the recovery of a sprained ankle is something you can do to increase success in the recovery from the injury. At one time or another we have all had to recover from a sprained ankle and the pain from a sprained ankle can vary and the damage done can vary. The injury occurs when we twist the foot onto the ankle where we stretch or tore the ligaments. An ankle sprain is a common injury and occurs when we walk, run or jump.

What is important now is the recovery of a sprain and how the benefits of physical therapy can be used to provide stability to the ankle joint. It is common to have bruising and swelling and getting the inflammation under control is important this will affect how the injury feels. The first thing to do is apply an ice wrap to reduce swelling and take ibuprofen an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling.

Physical therapy can be prescribed in your recovery and the injury can be assessed and evaluated and typically sprains have been treated with rest, ice packs, propping up your ankle and not putting weight on it and reducing your activity level and aspirin. We can help you and the sooner you get treatment; the sooner healing recovery will occur faster and the reduction of further injury to the ankle. You can begin healing without compromising other body parts to compensate for the injured ankle. Don’t hesitate to call our office and we can get you in with a professional

So, what will we work on in physical therapy for a sprained ankle?

Balance and proprioception — You probably know what balance is (your ability to stay upright) but proprioception might be new to you. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense where it is in relation to the environment. Balance and proprioception assessments and exercises are important to regain proper ankle function and prevent future recurrences.

Strength — It’s tempting to rely on braces or shoes for support, but what happens once you no longer have that external support? Wouldn’t you rather have built-in support? Building your strength is key. Strengthening everything above the ankle including your hips and glutes will help to better position the foot and ankle.

Physical therapy can be an effective treatment tool to help get you back on your feet and prevent future injury. So, keep pushing towards your recovery goals, and don’t let a sprained ankle slow your progress. Again, we can help so please reach out and get the appropriate care needed for your injury because we are here for you.


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