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Dealing With a Painful Shoulder

Shoulder pain results from many factors including overuse, poor posture, scapular weakness, altered shoulder mechanics, and capsular hypo- and hypermobility. It is an incredibly widespread complaint, which can be characterized by pain localized in the shoulder or deferred to other areas of the arm. Whether you have a mild injury such as a muscle strain or shoulder impingement or if you have a more serious pathology such as a labral or rotator cuff tear, physical therapy can help rehabilitate you to your previous level of activity.

Here at Therahand Wellness we offer different modalities that can assist you in the treatment of shoulder pain we offer dry needling, wellness programs and manual therapy we offer other modalities to assist your recovery. For example,

Dry Needling

PT Solutions utilizes a variety of evidence-based techniques to alleviate pain and eliminate dysfunction necessary for functional movement and activity. One of these techniques is dry needling (where allowed by state law). Dry needling uses a thin filo form needle for stimulating myofascial trigger points and homeostatic points. It can be used in combination with exercise and manual therapy to treat many conditions causing pain and dysfunction.

And also,

Therapeutic exercise programs For Shoulder Pain

Therapeutic exercise programs are developed and tailored to the patient’s specific diagnosis. These long-term programs are designed to address pain and limitations and to increase the likelihood of future injury prevention. Therapeutic exercise will focus on strength control of the arm, scapula, and spine to reduce pain and irritability while improving function.

The important part is to keep your recovery going and being committed to the process which does take time. Each person and injury has it's own process to healing and we can develop a treatment system right for you.

Contact our office so we can get you started on the right modality for you.


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